Cost of Living in Ukraine

Costs of Living in Ukraine

To live comfortably in Ukraine, a student needs an average of US$1200 to US$1500 annually, in addition to the Tuition & Accommodation fee. Living cost in Ukraine is a lot cheaper than in European cities. Obviously, depending on a student’s lifestyle the figures may differ but we try to present the average costs of different products below,


A bundle of 1000 papers costs US$3 to 5US$. Pen, Pencils, and stationery, necessary for studies aren’t expensive at all.


Though most of the textbooks are available at every University’s Library but you still may need to buy some books from outside.


A good Jeans costs 10-20$US, Shirts cost 5-15$US, T-Shirts cost 5-12US$


The Food here in Ukraine is very cheap; For 5US$ a student can buy 4 kg of Potatoes or 4 kg of Onions or 3 liters of milk or 3 dozen of eggs. 1 kg of beef or chicken may cost US$3 to US$5. Dairy products are cheap as well. For 1US$, you can buy at least 2 big loaves of bread.


The students’ may buy a travel pass to use on public transport (Subway Trains, Electric Busses). Such a travel pass doesn’t cost more than 20US$ for a month.


A student card enables a student to claim at least 30% to 50% on Trains or Buses to travel across Ukraine.


The university students can order an International student Card and enjoy a minimum discount of 10% to 30% on Air Travel.

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