Invitation to Study in Ukraine

Invitation Letter to Study in Ukraine

We warmly Welcome Foreign Students to Study in Ukraine, admission at Ukrainian Universities is Open now.

INTAKE 1:  Join studies During | 1st SEPTEMBER – 15th NOVEMBER | Application Deadline: 1st November (Due to Covid19 the results of high school examinations are delayed worldwide – This intake is extended until 15th DECEMBER)

INTAKE 2: Join Studies During | 1st FEBRUARY – 15th APRIL | Application Deadline: 1st APRIL 

Want to Study at a Ukrainian University? As an Applicant, one must know that the Invitation Letter is the main document if you want to study at a University in Ukraine. This is the only document from Ukraine required at the Embassy of Ukraine to obtain a Student Visa.

The Invitation to Study is issued with the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. The universities register students’ Passport information and qualification details in the system of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Once the Invitation to Study is processed, the Ministry of Education of Ukraine forwards it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine where a Visa Confirmation Number is generated sent to the Embassy of Ukraine.

To issue Student Invitation Letter from any University in Ukraine, we require the following list of documents from applicants.

     The Invitation Letter is a 100% confirmation of the Admission of a candidate at a particular university to study a certain Program. The student Invitation Letter bears the following details,

  1. Name of the Applicant
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Passport Number
  4. Nationality of the Applicant
  5. Place of Issue of Student Visa (The location of the Embassy of Ukraine)
  6. Name of the University, and its Location
  7. Program of Study
  8. Level of Study (Bachelors, Masters, PG Medicine, Ph.D.)
  9. Name and Cell Phone Number of the Intermediary Company on the backside of Invitation Letter

Cost of Invitation to Study:

425 $US for all levels of study – includes the Invitation Letter, COVID 19 Insurance, Visa Confirmation, and Courier Service fee.

Processing Time & Delivery:

5-7 working days once the processing fee with courier charges has been reflected in our bank account. Delivery to your address with Courier 4-7 working days.

The Validity of Invitation to Study & Visa:

180 days once issued. Valid for visa application 15 days prior to the expiry date. The function of “Invitation to Study” is to apply for a “Student Visa to Ukraine”.

Once the visa is obtained, you can travel to Ukraine, even with an expired invitation letter. On the day of arrival in Ukraine, your student visa must be valid at least for 45 days (out of 90 days the validity at the time of issuance)

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