Why do you Need us?

1. The job of the university to get a student with complete documents and teach them, the university never helps in the preparation of documents for your further stay in Ukraine.


You may not even be able to arrange o the Medical and Migration Risk Insurance, Visa Extension, you may not know how to get a hostel, and library card, and where to get pictures from, and so on so on. You end up paying more to different people, and some may even cheat you for money.


1. Our staff right from the airport, remains with you until you have submitted your documents to the State Migration Department for the visa extension. We assist you to get all the necessary documentation and insurance policies.

Our staff leaves you only when you are comfortably settled in your room when you know the way to the classes, and international office of your university. Still, we have our offices in all partner universities where you can always come for any personal or legal assistance.

2. Nowadays the internet is full of fake university websites and barely one can distinguish them from genuine university websites. Fraud agents control fake websites – They make innocent applicants pay the huge fees for invitation letter, visa confirmation and courier – some charge 650$ & some even more once you pay, the fake university website agent will either stop communication or you’ll get a fake invitation letter, and visa not granted. In some cases, you get a visa and on arrival criminal agents will take your all funds away, and you are stranded.


These frauds university websites ask you to pay into private person’s bank account instead of university or company.

2. As we are a registered business at the government business registrar and registered with universities and the ministry of education of Ukraine. We know the location of universities very well, and we are well aware of which university website is genuine.


There is no chance for fraud agents or their fake university websites to trick us.


A genuine university website always ends only on .EDU.UA

While Fake University websites usually                 End on .COM.UA or . COM or



3. Language Barrier – as the main official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian and Russian is widely spoken too. You may face huge difficulties in admission not knowing these languages. 3. We consult our candidates about available intakes, deadlines for application, best university for selected program of Study and we consult our clients on personal issues as well.
4. The Universities in Ukraine hardly respond to those candidates who try to apply directly to genuine university websites. The universities aren’t ready for the responsibility to invite a foreigner without intermediary company. 4. As we recruit International Students since the year 2000 and we partner with all universities in Ukraine, therefore universities accept candidates through our company if even the Admission Deadline has approached.
5. You may simply not get the Invitation letter to study after paying a fraud agent/ fraud university website. 5. Once you pay the processing fee through our company’s official bank account we issue and dispatch the invitation letter within just 2 to 5 days
6. Without a professional guide, it’s quite possible you submit documents improperly, without relevant legal stamps from your ministry, which may result in the rejection of documents by the embassy of Ukraine. 6. Our experienced staff helps applicants to prepare a comprehensive visa application file for Embassy without any errors what makes the application more suitable for visa.
7. On arrival, when you do have anyone waiting for you, the airport authorities return the students in 95% cases. If one is lucky to enter Ukraine, still it’s risky to travel not knowing the local language.


The notorious airport taxi drivers can charge 10 times higher for the transport, and some may even steal your belongings or documents or the money you are holding.

7. Arrival & Settlement: Our staff awaits, and welcomes our students. We offer them, food, and transfer to the university ion comfortable transport. We use comfortable cars, and our students aren’t stranded at bus or train stations.


It is always better to use the services of official representatives of the university, who are responsible for your security in Ukraine.

8. You may not get good accommodation as you do not know there are better rooms available, and you have no one who could take care to choose a good accommodation for you. 8. We prepare the best available accommodation for our candidates, once they provide their flight details. The rooms are always fully furnished, with attached washrooms and toilets. On arrival, our students go straight to their hostels and they live in the rooms meant for them.

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